You see a lot of this shite about nowadays

Not the greatest example but I was nearly (quite literally) out of the woods by the time I thought ‘wouldn’t those pricks over at drowned in sound love a thread about this’.


I don’t

Not allowed outside

What the fuck are you going on about?


Black metal band logos?


i saw a lad in army gear having some portraits taken in front of one of these and thought ‘ahh’

It’s about time we started burning people at the stake again. It’s been too long.

I spend a lot of time in the woods nowadays and there are absolutely shitloads of those wood against a tree shelters. Dunno if it is just the army or kids pricking about.

squirrels in an unholy alliance with beavers

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Yeah, used to see loads in Epping Forest and have seen loads round this neck of the woods (lol) too.

Often they have lots of NOS canisters around too now :smiley:

I have seen a few dead squirrels near those woods too but I chose not o photograph them for you.

Probably badgers plotting something.

Alright Goody Colinfilth


think it’s just like some army bear grylls shit isn’t it? ooh, survive a night in epping forest. easy mate.

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To be fair to them it was army land.

It’s like the tree is a rock star and the sticks are its fans


Mainly walking children but today I was by myself as my wife had taken the boy and I can’t run at the moment as I have wounded my groin so went deeper into the woods.

Probably trying to catch a teddy bears’ picnic.

You’re an unusual man at times


There’s a healer who lives in the woods. A mystical groin healer.