You should be able to put emojis in the subject box (from the little emoji selection box)



:tractor::busstop::sparkling_heart::birthday::electric_plug::airplane::bowling::balloon::cookie::bear::eye::spider_web: :checkered_flag:


I don’t know if it is my age but given the chance I would destroy every single last emoji on the world wide web.





i can deal with emojis on their own but the absolute worst is people who replace words with emojis. i don’t have an iphone but i saw a screenshot that suggests they actually encourage this behaviour? horrible

β€œdo you fancy going for :pizza: and :beer:?”

stop it at once.


this was going to be a thread entirely of emojis. I’m not sure why because I never use them. Anyway, whatever it was, it’s nothing now.




:eye: :+1: :family_men_boy: :sheep:

(Eye Agree With Ewe)


I seem to imagine emojis that don’t exist quite often. l’ll go looking for the cheese one or something and get annoyed when I can’t find it then it turns out there is no cheese one.


YES! :wink: