You should check if your eyelids are greasy


Because mine were and I’ve sorted it and things are now better (0.025%).


what are you doing to make them greasy? :-/


Living life to the max.




Are you certain you don’t have Seborrhoeic blepharitis?


Look we can’t all spray them with deodorant before bed every night.


Still my favourite Pig Destroyer album.


not sure but my tear ducts are extremely dry


Oh look at everyone pretending they don’t ever get greasy eyelids! Why don’t you have a check? Hope you don’t feel too embarrassed.


well you certainly shouldn’t be doing it every morning


how do you check please


Get a room you pair


You’re a pair, mate. You’re a pair.


You look in the mirror with one eye open and the other closed and then you swap over.


I guarantee you that I’ve never had a greasy eyelid.

I’ve got a little more class about me, if you know what I mean.


I do not.


I bet you’ve got greasy feet too.

Use this if you ever go to Japan.


this doesn’t explain really. how do i know if they are greasy?


They would be shiny


i can confirm that mine are not greasy