You turned the heating on at home yet? [and other general heating chat]

  • yes I turned it on
  • no I have not

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What type of heating do you have?

  • gas central heating
  • storage (or other electrical) heating monstrosities
  • underfloor (oooh, la di dah)

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I have the heating on

  • All the time, fuck the environment
  • Only when I’m there
  • Never, I like being cold

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My house mates insist on having it on full blast all the time. No idea why, they can’t possibly be cold, they’re Lithuanian.

It’s on for an hour in the morning and for when we need to dry clothes. I hate having the heating on.

Trying to hold out until December.

Don’t think i’m going to need it in my new place - it’s toasty. Will hang on as long as possible before contemplating sticking it on.

Mine is centrally controlled by the building so we get no choice in the matter. Came on about 2 weeks ago and it’ll go off again in March. You can adjust the radiators but there’s one in the hallway we can’t turn off; usually ends up being days in Sept/Oct and Mar/April where you’re freezing cold or boiling hot but can’t do anything about it.

To compound matters, the flat has really old listed windows that you’re not allowed to put double glazing on. They look cool though and that’s what really matters.

think we’ve got another month or so of being okay in our flat. not looking forward to turning the storage heaters on tbqh :confused:

Can’t afford heating rn tbh

Our heating is controlled by a thermostat, but is technically set to be on at all times. It’s set to 18.5C.

It’s only actually come on for about three mornings so far this Autumn.

Live in a basement and we’ve started to notice some issues with mould so we have it on a fair bit when we’re there to warm the place up. Wish we could work out the timer switches but I have no idea, so I just switch it all on as and when.

We’re getting that as well, is it doing the job for you?

Yeah, I’ve got storage heaters as well, hate them.

Really want to replace them, but I’ll probably end up moving before I get round to having the motivation (or spare cash) to do that.

we had some guys in to quote for a replacement system. basically the outcome was “unless you get gas installed, don’t bother”


Don’t know yet, guess it’s going to be an ongoing issues. I’ve cleared off any visible mould, now just trying to keep the place warm and keep the windows open where we can to air the place as much as possible. Baby has had a pretty persistent cough so praying I haven’t infected her with spores or something grim :fearful:

Thermostat, so comes on when it falls below temp defined by my mrs.

It’s a fucking pain in the arse innit, think our bathroom has just been permanently wet since we moved in, never seems to clear all the condensation that builds up when we shower etc.

Also I don’t think the extractor fans in the bathroom or kitchen or doing much useful… and we have to dry clothes indoors. It’s really shit. Noticed mildew appear out of nowhere the other week.

We told the landlord we’d be moving in March when our lease runs out because we need a two-bed, and she told us she was actually planning to covert our flat into a two-bed. Like we’d want to live in a building site then pay more for the privilege.

Get on the dehumidifier train, man.

Starting to think that’s something of an inevitability which seems insane to me