You’ve got to pick a pocket or two

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Are these two pockets on the same person or two different people’s pockets?

Ever been pickpocketed?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Possibly I may have just lost The Thing

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Related anecdote! Someone tried to steal my girlfriend’s phone yesterday by picking it up off the table in front of her. She calmly got up, walked after them and told them to give it back, which they did. This is the 2nd time this exact thing has happened to her.


Have you?

She should stop leaving her phone on the table


Was worried about being pick-pocketed on the Metro in Paris when we first arrived. Was standing on a very crowded train; phone in one pocket, wallet in the other. Didn’t have the option of keeping hands in both pockets (else I would have fallen over), so kept my hand on the wallet and the other one making a peace sign holding onto the rail for dear life as we rattled our way round the city

I was once at @Epimer s favourite Paris train station and was on the escalator and looked down to see that a man had his hand in my pocket. I told him to fuck off which he promptly did

Caught someone in the act while off my face at Longitude festival one year - he must have been really shit at it. Threatened to break my legs when I told him to fuck off

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Will pass this along, cheers.

Attach it with elastic


Oliver! the musical is well good

thanks for reading

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Had a few attempts while travelling but luckily I caught them.
Fuckers. I think my favourite was when I caught a guy trying to pick my pocket just asked for a dollar when I stopped him robbing me. Fuck Quito. It’s a shit hole.

NGL I did something like this at Primavera.

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Stop trying to pick people’s pockets, Steved.

And pick my own like a chump?

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The worst thing about having almost non-existent breasts is that I never have room to use my bra for things like this.

Imagine being a kangaroo

I always use a wallet chain at festivals. More to do with the risk of loss associated with rolling around in a giant puddle of cider for three days than pickpocketing but it can’t hurt.

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