You’ve written a novel about someone truly evil. What would their favourite record be?


Probably an Ed sheeran album

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If I had written the novel, it’d probably be something inescapable from whenever the novel was set. Not necessarily something bad but just something that felt like it couldn’t be avoided.

Smooth by Santana or Someone Like You by Adele on repeat?

Ed Sheeran is a good shout too @wasted.

Oasis probably.

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Toto IV

Metal Machine Music or some sort of fictionalised Throbbing Gristle band

Happy birthday

In the aeroplane over the sea

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Early Bieber, late Sonic Youth

‘Look At Us’ by Sonny & Cher

Feel like there used to be a bit of a trope of serial killers listening to classical music. Maybe this is a Columbo thing - a sort of signifier of someone who feels they are intellectually superior and are conducting the investigations?

I’d go with some sort of comedy/novelty hit. Like that old film which uses The Laughing Policeman. Probably Crazy Frog or something.

The modern day equivalent of Huey Lewis and the News is probably someone like The 1975.


Hard to say

Detox by Dr Dre

He doesn’t have one, he finds out what his future victim likes and reflects that

Lady In Red

Venetian Snares

We’ll Meet Again by Dame Vera Lynn

Given any opportunity, my villain would endlessly extoll the virtues of Toto’s Africa.