Hello all!

Got any ongoing disputes with FACELESS CAPITALIST CORPORATIONS at the moment? How are they going? What are you after?

Me? I’m Currently trying to get some money back from some energy companies. Going pretty well actually, thanks for asking.
Always quite disarming because once you get through to someone on the phone, they’re always really friendly and helpful, aren’t they? Puts me off my game tbh.
Lets use this as an inspirational support group!


im pretty good at getting money back for stuff yeah

probably one of my strongest talents

recent successes: got a £3.5k debt written off, got a free croissant in Pret, £220 off Ryanair etc.


Android: Netrunner is a two-player Living Card Game® set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future where monolithic megacorps own and control the vast majority of human interests.

While corporation players try to score points by advancing their agendas, they have to guard their intellectual properties from the elite and subversive hackers known as netrunners. Netrunners attempt to win the game by stealing the corp’s agendas, by any means possible!


My haggling’s getting out of control


I was thinking this on the phone last night while wandering around M&S and being put on hold. Like, "I ammmm gooooooddd at this!, should go pro"
Then I took the email address down wrong to send my details over to.


don’t do this, not here. have you no shame?


what ya haggling over? Hows it hangling?


Are car dealers faceless capitalist corporations or just the manufacturers?


God, everything. Haggled over a google chromecast in an electronics shop the other day. .


british gas owes me money and i’ve forgot to check whether they paid it or not. i’ll show them!!!

probably gonna cancel my work at this company the rest of the week coz they’re annoying. i don’t need their money!!! (i actually do)

best i can do, sorry.


I can’t be arsed haggling in places like Currys etc. Not even sure it’s a thing


I had a Soreen bar for lunch. Soreen bar packaging proudly proclaims that they result in ‘NO CRUMBS’. I had multiple crumbs when eating said Soreen bar.

I am going to put the crumbs in a ziplock bag and send them to Soreen PLC expressing my disappointment. Hopefully they will give me vouchers so that I may be disappointed by the lack of NO CRUMBS on many more Soreen bars.


was it malt loaf or banana loaf?


trying to get an airline to give me compo I’m entitled to for a delayed flight - they’re just ignoring my emails :angry:


It was a Chocolate and Blood Orange Mini Loaf. Like this:


That one with Tesco that they’ve chosen to ignore about their employee stealing all my money…


Been too easy so far getting debt written off and refunds pending with energy companies. Feel there’s a twist coming, like a million, eternal CCJs


thats the best place to haggle, man.

other great places to haggle - shoe shops, mobile phone stores, caricature middle eastern bazaars.

might start haggling my food shop soon.


This is really, really shitty behaviour from Tesco.


Ore annoyingly he’s since started working for McDonalds (their employee of the month) so the only comeuppance he would have gotten was Tesco firing him.