You wake up.

You wake up. You feel like there’s a soggy cloth sitting inside your skull where your brain should be. Your Lego Batman alarm clock is emitting its high-pitched beep on your bedside table as you lie there, slowly becoming conscious of the drool flowing from your open mouth to a damp circle on your pillow.

Do you:

Whack Batman’s head to get 5 more minutes of blissful sleep


Groggily sit up and grab Batman and slide the alarm button on his back to OFF


that was fun


Was trying to distract myself from playing endless Nintendo by messing around with Twine!

You should do one as a thread here with polls for the options

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Kill jester


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Thanks for turning me into a witch much appreciated.

A pleasure.

Maybe I’ll make a DiS special about a jester. Where there’s no option to kill it. Or killing it is the only option :thinking: