You walk up to a cashpoint

and see someone has left a £20 note in the dispenser. You have a quick look about and see someone walking off but they’re already 50+ metres away with no sign of turning back. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

  • Run after the person who left it and don’t stop until you’ve given it back
  • Make an attempt to catch up with them but stop if you can’t catch up quickly and end up keeping the money
  • Stick it straight in your pocket. Finders keepers.
  • Shout out after them but stay where you are

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always worried its one of those hidden camera stunts with a fishing line attached to the note, so probably just find another cash point even if it takes me an hour.


Let the machine swallow back the money (which it should do after 30 seconds or however long)


If it’s 50+ metres and I didn’t actually see them at the cashpoint then idk would probably take the money

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Lots of liars so far.


Post about the incident on Twitter, saying I ran after the person and handed it back, resulting in spontaneous applause from everyone around, then pocket the cash myself.


…and just one MONSTER!!!


There’s cameras on cashpoints, if you take it you’re getting charged.

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i was driving down the road once and a saw an old chap drop a note so i quickly spun the car round, parked up, grabbed the note and pocketed it…

no actually i made sure he got it back

didn’t even post it on social media - until now

Had two weird cash point things happen:

Went up to cash point and the dispensing bit was open with a big wad of notes ready to be taken. Nobody around and hadn’t been as I walked up to the machine. Was definitely hundreds of pounds, possibly thousands. Took it into the bank, they just took it and didn’t even say thanks.

Got some money out and when the dispensing bit opened there were notes as normal but then some folded over notes to the side. Looked really weird but I took them all. It was a standalone machine in a street. Again no one around. Was taking a couple of hundred euros out so wasn’t sure immediately if it was part of my cash or not. Turned out to be an additional 3 x €20 notes. Kept it tbh.

You took the credit for that parish council video that young lad created, so you have history here


I’m a monster with £20 you don’t have so now who’s the monster?

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you’re still the monster…im just the honest chump


im not built for speed, if they get away they get away

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I wouldn’t walk up to a cashpoint anyway, everywhere takes card

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Found £200 on a garage forecourt once, did the old fasten my laces slid it into my shoe so it wouldn’t be picked up on cctv

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Hopefully you get charged less than £20 as then at leaat you’ll still have change

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Somehow a cash machine near me was giving out 20 pound notes instead of 10 pound notes. There was a HUGE queue because everyone was repeatedly taking out money because you were doubling what was coming out of your account.

im the the one who went and told the people at the bank. Did I do the wrong thing?

:rotating_light: NARC ALERT :rotating_light:


sometimes when i find money lying on the ground i simply leave it there so someone else can make the moral decision on it instead of me

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