You walk up to a cashpoint


I reckon I’ve still got the pace in me to do the 50m dash and terrify the person whose money it was with my sweaty, gesticulating, yet well-meaning self so I’d probs do that

I’ve run down the street after people with their credit/debit cards that they’ve left in shops before, and every time I’ve fumbled the interaction and looked like a total danger but does it stop me from helping out? Au contraire!

They’re aimed at your face not where the money comes out just go over take it with your left hand while putting your card in with you right, if you get caught deny deny deny they won’t be able to prove it

Obviously :smiley:


Sub-thread: When was the last time you used a cashpoint?

  • In the last week
  • In the last month
  • In the last year
  • Pre-pandemic

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Last Saturday for a haircut cause they don’t take cards.

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Pub quiz I go to is £2 entry so need to get money out for that most Thursdays

Always gotta have some cash on me, just in case.

What if i want a pint and the card networks down or something

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Before the hold steady gig cause someone said they weren’t charging vat on cash buys at the merch stand, didn’t buy anything in the end anyway

Yeah, getting my haircut was the only time that I’d need to use a cashpoint, but I’ve been shaving my own head for 2+ years, so I’ve never had to use one since.

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Fun fact: my dad (67) has only ever used a cashpoint once in his life and usually just goes to the post office and withdraws a load of cash over the counter to last him a couple of weeks or whatever.

My next door neighbour knocked on my door the other day waving about £200 in twenty pond notes around asking if I’d lost some money.

What did you spend it on?

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I’ve still got a few £20 notes from early 2020 in my wallet.

Which reminds me, I need to spend those Adam Smith ones before they expire in September.

Really loud speakers to put in my back garden


I get cash out and then think may as well spend this cash since i’ve got cash then have to get more cash

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Crap at budgeting so it’s just easier to use cash.

So other than free money you find what else is it perfectly fine to steal?

Supermarket pastries and anything that’s sold loose/weighed imho


Glassware from pubs. People always used to try and be really stealthy about it and sneak them out but we were always just like “we don’t pay for them, and I can get more tomorrow so just fucking have at it”

I do feel a little guilty about stealing classes and pitchers from pubs as a student.