You were away from work for a few days

A dirty cup has appeared on your desk next to your own clean cup, your own clean cup then goes missing. That was nearly three weeks ago. Would it be disproportionate to throw out the dirty cup that someone has left on your (my) desk?

You left a dirty cup on your desk for three weeks???

Someone else left it there, I could have moved it in those three weeks so I guess in that sense I have left it there for three weeks.

is there a fireplace you can throw it into?

actually, there is

well there you go…

should I set fire to it?

Show us a picture of the dirty mug.


massive pervert

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:wink: :kissing_heart:

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I chucked it out a couple of weeks ago.

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worth the wait!


It was, wasn’t it?

It was one Friday, after 5 (o’ clock) no one was about so I just stuck in the bin. People need to learn to stop getting my goat.