You will not BELIEVE what Saturday has in store...

Morning all!

Early shift started at 6.00.

Toast and chocolate spread and coffee.

Henry Danger, half of the Hansel & Gretel reboot and now playdough baking.

You know the routine.

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Cory Carson and Dobble here. Last nights takeaway didn’t agree with my wife so she (and I to a lesser extent) had a very broken night’s sleep. Kids slept well and are full of beans so it’s going to be an interesting morning

Morning everyone

Was planning on a huge walk today but my foot is proper hurting for some reason

Keepin’ it smooth today


Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to notice my own typo.


I’m making the kids listen to Floating Points / Pharoah Sanders while we make bread. Not sure that they’re 100% engaged by it.

It’s a beautiful day here, so we’ll be heading out to scramble around on some rocks with the dogs later.

Exorcist 3 on Blu-Ray this evening.

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I had a hot cross bun with a bit of bacon in the middle for breakfast. The day’s not going to get better than that

(although I do have a beer order to collect, and I’ll be going to the Hellenic Bakery to get some bits for lunch, and there’s a zoom quiz tonight - number 48 maybe?)

apparently i became popular overnight



Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’m on holiday. All day, every day.


Same happened to me, that’s gonna be the peak of my day I reckon.

Probably gonna have to book a COVID test for our kid because she’s developed a relatively unshakeable cough, first time for us. Also got some work to do and need to tidy house. Fun don’t get funner than this


Woke up so went out on my bike first thing. It’s nice and sunny but cold. I nearly got chill blanes.

Now caffeinating myself


Making Biscoff pancakes for breakfast.

Work this afternoon.

Took some photos, it’s a bit windy out but the trees are blossoming and the sun is out and the clocks are going forward, feeling really cheered by that. In other news I’ve got a lot to do and need to fix my :bike:

Silly toddler had a bad night and was wide awake from 4:45. Can’t cope.

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It is amazing what the body and mind can get used to in terms of broken sleep and tiredness. Unfortunately. Coffee and naps are the solution, if somewhat contraindications…


Tired, but have had eggs and asparagus and a decent coffee. About to take the dogs out for a walk, want to go long, but the old dog is getting slow, so have to gan canny with him.

he’s still handsome though

Also been realising how good this mid/late era Bluetones record is:


Nice looking dogs.

But I’ll respectfully disagree with you on The Bluetones.

Weighed myself and I’m slightly below my ideal weight of 10st. Went for a 5K fun just now.

The rest of the day will be an afternoon outdoor cup of tea with my parents in their driveway and then films and drinks for the rest of the day.

I’ll get a burger and chips delivered. Still not sure whether to go for the new McDonald’s chicken burger or try and independent burger shop. Yep, a pathetic dilemma ahead.

Morning troops.

Been a busy morning. Cleaned all last nights dishes and sat and watched some kids TV whilst I drank one of those coffees that just makes you appreciate being alive, yknow? Wa Ted to drink it all over again once it was done.

Did some drawing with the kids - drew cars, if you were wondering - and then came upstairs and reconnected the lego train. Now been tidying up their mess of a room.

Weather is nice so not sure what we’re going to do. Fancy a tasty lunch but there’s fuck all locally that isn’t disgusten fast food.

Anyway heres a photo of Frank playing with some mid 1990s brick built Paradisa Lego.