You will not BELIEVE what Saturday has in store...

That’s mad that you can’t get Indian spices over there. Take it you can get coriander, turmeric and the like but not you garam masalas and more specialist stuff?

more or less. you can also get curry powder, but I don’t trust it.

bizarrely can’t find things like chili powder either. but 5 different brands of paprika are available.

Am I the only person mildly obsessed with this ram?!:joy:


Been out on walks and that. Started the keto diet the other day and have used my last calories of the day for gin and diet soda.

Just fuck a load of pimenton into everything. Actually did that when I made a Keralan fish curry a few weeks ago.

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Was thinking about this the other day

A triumph

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I was seriously impressed - one of your dis career highlights for sure.


I hopped today for the first time in years

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Got a Creme Egg Mcflurry

Do you mean chili powder as in the blend Brits use to make chilli con carne, or ground chili powder? Makes sorta sense that a country that actually makes paprika wouldn’t blend it with pepper and cumin and whatnot.

It’s a rambow



How was your hopping experience?

I transitioned from one leg to the other, once during my prolonged single leg standing, but wouldn’t dare consider that hopping and I doubt I’ve done hopping in quite a while.

I like the Smarties Mcflurry. probably my only source of Smarties these days.

Emergency poll

  • Add a little splash of cream to your roast tomato sauce
  • Keep it pure :tomato::tomato::tomato:

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I’ve made a butternut squash curry while dancing round the kitchen to the musicleague playlist.

Good food; good times.

What’s the consistency currently?

And what are you looking for?


For the love of god keep it pure :grinning:

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whippy cream no doubt?