You wouldn't go to a bbq/party with booze/food


…and at the end of the night, grab and booze or food that wasn’t eaten.

would you?

poor, poor form


I did this once when I was about 15, at one of the first house parties I went to. Crashed there the night, came home the next morning with a few four-packs of leftover beers. My dad saw me coming in, asked me where I’d got them, said they’d been left over from the party. He told me it was bad form, and I never did it again. Cheers Dad, top life lesson.


Not unless offered silks, not unless offered.


Grab, no.

Take, if offered, yes.

If we have left overs from entertaining people, we parcel them up in doggy bags for everyone to take home.


Absolutely not. Unacceptable behaviour IMO.


You really fancied those Mission deli wraps for lunch, didn’t you?


I once walked out of some awful bellend party and blatantly grabbed a beer on the way out. I still cringe thinking about it.

EDIT : It was 275ml bottle of kberg!


See, a think a beer for the road as a party’s winding down is okay. You’d have had it if you’d stayed for another ten minutes, so what’s the difference?


yeah, that’s fine.


must confess, I can’t move for bread/bread rolls at the moment. gonna hook up the seagulls later


You’re right.

Don’t hang out with these sorts of reprobates. BBQs are often bullshit enough.


Going to a wedding in a month.

Hope they have loads of cake. I won’t take any back with me I’ll just eat it all whilst I’m there.

Never met the bride or groom.


eo and danone - I’m ok with this really. we’re all massive dicks at the end of the day, ain’t we