You'll never guess what he's gone and done now!!!

Has he won the lottery again?

I think that would be the news that would really lift the nation’s spirits


No I just remembered about the whole “Lotto lout” thing the other day. Apparently works as a coal man now after spending all his money.

I think he’d spent the whole lot within about five years of winning it. From reading about him, his upbringing sounds totally horrible and he was just in no way capable of dealing with winning that amount of money. It’s a really fascinating (?) tale.

He’s about three months older than me and tbf if I’d won that much at 19 I dunno how I would’ve coped with it. I like to think better than he did, but…

I remember him building a stock car track around his house. The media were absolutely obsessed with him for a while.


This one man did a lot to encourage working class hatred that’s led to 4 successive (if weak) Tory election governments being formed

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remember that documentary thing with keith allen?

all I remember was when asked why he liked boxing he replied “it buzz me” - and I decided he was a gbol.

Anyway, was hoping this to be more of a general ne’er do well thread

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that kid

Bon Iver: King of Chavs

I gave up about halfway through as it was more about Keith Allen than the lotto guy. Also, I can’t stand Keith Allen.

“Michael sports a UDA tattoo, and became friends with ousted Shankill terror leader Johnny Adair after writing to him while the loyalist thug was in prison.”

Clearly not a Gbol, but rather an utter fucking tosser.

Reminds me I remember seeing a documentary about this guy

This is more the “cheeky” antics that I’m looking for.
Think Black Grape had a song about him

Was thinking about these lads the other day


Who is this guy?

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I haven’t seen this since then, unreal. I know so many country bais like that from Cork, was nice to listen to that interview again.

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This is great too!

(Although the world record at 1:50 is a bit :astonished: :laughing:)