You'll Never Wednesday Alone (daily thread)

It’s the Wednesday thread. An early midweek for most.

I am administering tests to six yr olds and looking at the rain in wonder.
How bounce u huns?


My car is going in for service today, supposedly. I can’t remember if I’m taking it to them or they’re coming to me to collect it and it’s too late to check so I suppose we’ll see what happens.

Pretty sure I’m allergic to one of the many, many plants that my darling partner decides to keep in the house despite my many, many allergies to plants.


Bit grumpy.

Coming to collect? now that’s what I call service!. Do you get a complimentary car clean too?.

It’s a company car and I’ve only got it for less than another year so I’m rinsing this stuff while it’s not really me that’s paying for it.

Dunno, we’ll find out!

“Here’s your car, Dr Mr Epimer. And, my, what a car it is! Say, have you been working out?”


Wanted to go for a run but the weather is miserable, so just going to work early.

What a totally not depressing sentence.

Realised I’ve got no towels, hate ringing reception

In Manchester, got a tricky days work and then will have to sit for hours to write a report before driving home. Will be lucky to get back before midnight :frowning:. But first, hotel breakfast.


8am meetings can get in the bin


Putting a gig on tonight. Shit day at work and rain to deal with first though

Absolutely fucking Grum out there today. Have a morning of training in another store. Yay

Morning friends

Back in the Czech Rep, that’s holiday season over, got today off work as I got home late but back to reality tomorrrow :cry: Dread levels rising

No plans today other than unpacking and doing a wash and such. Exciting times.

Feeling absolutely knackered today. Slept for an extra 1.5 hrs on top my normal amount and still sluggish. I’m guessing cause I did a heavy workout yesterday and haven’t had enough protein since so my body’s all drained. Can’t be arsed to make breakfast, can’t even be arsed to do my morning video gaming. Bleh.

Here to echo the general theme of misery in this thread. Might have to turn down the job I was offered last week, awkward conversations to be had today :neutral_face:

Slept very little last night, a combination of being shattered from playing football and then the excitement of the Liverpool game. Ended up moving to the sofa at 3am because the TV was also tossing turning and I couldn’t really take it. Today’s gonna be AWESOME.

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Did you go to jordan?


Morning all. I really need to write a to-do list and stick to it, else I’m going to get nothing done today.

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I did shrewbie