Young Fathers - new music NOW, new album and tour soon!

Ticket got

Going to involve some logistics but got a ticket for Birmingham.

London standing tickets were seemingly non existant from the get go :frowning:

there’s loads on ?

Thank you! I was looking only at the band’s website for some reason

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Going to Brum :v:

Brighton :+1:

Glasgow (both nights, cos the Cocoa Sugar Barras show was one of the best gigs I’ve been to)


That was a fucking great show

ssssssssssssSOLD for what I GET
I’mburningdirtymoney to lightacigarette

  • Possibly the best 5 seconds or so of music in existence
  • Definitely the best 5 seconds or so of music in existence
  • Not the best 5 seconds or so of music in existence because it’s actually that bit just as it goes loud and nuts in Rice instead
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added in an Edinburgh date about a week after the Barras ones - 4 times seeing them in a year then is it?

called it Ulster Hall on their own site though :smiley:

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Wild that they’re now at the point of selling out two nights at the barras and then adding an Edinburgh date, very cool

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and the Usher Hall site itself seems to suggest there’s maybe 2 dates?? but no other confirmation so dunno if its a mistake

but yeah, feels like more than any of the other primo Scottish indie bands would manage at the moment

if only!

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If only!

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I didnt even see your post :smiley:



shit wednesday already sold out lol? even given what we said, didn’t think they were one-day-sell-outters!

These gigs plus the Glasgow gigs earlier in the year takes them to about 14,000 or so tickets sold across Glasgow/Edinburgh gigs in 2023 (plus playing Connect too). Good going.


goddamn superstars