Young Fathers




I’m a greedy a bugger… I wanna be King until I am


Just amazing



UK tour starts tonight :dancer:


I’m off to see them later. You heading down?


Aye, might have a spare ticket (standing) if anyone want one. I’ll post on here in the next hour once I know.


Trying to find a pair of standing tickets, see if my friend is interested, book a train and do work all at once. Wahhh

(Book in advance next time dickhead)


Got one standing ticket going for tonight, if anyone wants it then let me know. If nobody here takes it in the next half hour or so then I’ll be putting it on twickets.

Glasgow NYE(ish) meat

Very very very good band


Blahh didn’t see this.


Stunning stuff tonight, just so much fun.

Also enjoyed these posters in the venue, very classy


Brilliant gig but not the best venue for it really.

And the weird queue pish that’s become a thing recently was hugely annoying coupled with the torrential rain .

But by god they played the shit out of those songs, eh?


Excellent band, absolute shite venue.


yeah really let down by the venue. sound was awful for a lot of the songs. took the edge off it!


Also anyone know who the support was? Caught last 5 minutes of him because of queue pish and it seemed decent.


Petit Noir i think? Didn’t catch the set either due to that queue.


Newcastle, Manchester and Bristol are cancelled and being rescheduled.

Which is bloody lucky for me cause I couldn’t make tonight since my son is ill.


Saw them live over summer, been obsessed since. one of the best bands of the last Few years for sure, love every album