Young Jesus

There are some ridiculous bargains on that site - free postage too. I’ve just bought the Anna B Savage album on limited coloured vinyl for £13. It’s a nightmare to search though, it’s pure luck if you find something.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the new one? It’s taken me a few spins but I absolutely love it now

Another beautiful record

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Yeah I think it’s beautiful, sat with it on watching the sea yesterday and that felt about right.

If I had a comment it’s that it maybe feels a bit like he’s learning the ropes of the style and that sone of the tracks maybe lack sone confidence. That just makes me more excited for the next one though.

In the last few months I’ve also done a dive into their early records and honestly they are incredible too. I’d rank them up there with the best discographies of the last decade


Yep, enjoyed it so far (and I was far more of a fan of the earlier guitar based stuff). Sort of mixed it up with the limited release from earlier in the year to make a full length LP.


I’m loving the album. I don’t really know his older stuff, but I’ve been playing this album repeatedly. So many lovely interesting sounds on it. It’s quickly become a favourite of the year for me.


I wasn’t sure at first but it finally clicked tonight.

Rose Eater is one of the most beautiful songs of the year, it’s magical. Reminds me a lot of Year of Hibernation era Youth Lagoon in some ways, but with a much more full sound obviously.