Your absolute go-to sandwich, crisps and drink


must be standards/widely available from supermarkets, etc. meal deal stuff, no indie shit.

Sandwich: Cheese + onion
Crisps: Ready salted hula hoops
Drink: Cawston’s Rhubarb

Bonus choc bar/snack/treat: Double Decker

now you!


sandwich: ham, cheese and tomato
crisps: cheese and onion walkers
drink: diet coke
choco: cadbury’s dairy milk


Think you’re skating on thin ice with the Cawstons frankly.

Sandwich: ham and cheese
Crisps: Walkers prawn cocktail
Drink: lemon Fanta
Choc bar: twix


sandwich: crayfish and rocket
crisps: salt and black pepper kettle chips
drink: manuel pellegrini
choco: fruit & nut




alright, kate middleton

kind of but you can get it everywhere now


Sandwich - ham and cheese
Crisps - monster munch (pickled onion)
Drink - innocent raspberry and banana, or chocolate milk if available as part of the meal deal


The cucumber and edemame sandwich from m&s
Sweet chilli crisps
Bonus snack: iced raisin bun

Also: salad sandwich, iced bun, sprinkle doughnut from wenzels


Sandwich- ham and cheese
Crisps - salt and vinegar
Drink- Coke or some variety of lemonade
Chocolate- dunno, whatever I fancy at the time.



Sandwich: Chicken and sweetcorn or stuffing or something like that
Crisps: Salt and vinegar Kettle Chips
Drink: tin of Cherry Coke

Bonus choc: Twirl


Ham and cheese
Ready salted


Sandwich: All Day Breakfast/Sausage and etc, depending on the shop
Crisps: not into crisps, would get chocolate instead. Unless they had Brannigans Ham and Mustard, which they won’t. Gun to my head, chilli heatwave Doritos.
Drink: sugar free Sprite or 7Up, unless I’ve not had enough coffee, in which case Pepsi Max Cherry

Bonus chocolate: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups if they’ve got them, e.g. Tezbots, maybe a Snickers if they don’t


Sandwich: Cheese
Crisps: Worcester sauce
Drink: lemonade

Bonus choc bar/snack: haribo



Fucking joke thread.

Sanger: egg mayonnaise (egg with egg on bread!)
Drink: water
Crisps: Ready Salted (preferably tortilla chips)

Bonus snack: packet of Fox’s biscuits or M&S equivalent


A whole pack of biscuits as a bonus snack?


Sure. Fox’s though. You only get 10 of those Vienese sandwich biscuits in a pack.

After a supermarket bottom range sandwich you need a bit of joy, FFS.


nik naks are defo in the sainsbo’s meal deal, if somewhere else the poshest brand available, probs ready salted :punch:


Nothing that’s widely available in sainos/tezzers is indie or posh, pals