Your best weeknight dinner

Been looking for a good vegan Mac n cheese recipe, might give this a go xxx

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Onion, loads of garlic, chilli, loads of basil and oregano, salt and pepper, white wine, peppers or courgette or whatever veg is around.

Best has different meanings, but my best regular recipe is a leek and mushroom risotto.

I’d have to say The Best of The Weeknight Dinners.

But really it’s a lentil daal


Sounds luscious.

I don’t get the cashew ‘cheese’ thing. I’m not a big fan of cashews anyway but they have a pretty blan flavour, don’t they. Is it just cos the texture is a little cheesey?

Paneer and spinach curry.

Precook paneer in butter lot of seasoning, put in warm water
Cook onions
Add garam masala, garlic, chilli, ginger
Paneer back in, with spinach until wilts
Bit of double cream or creme fraiche.



The soaked cashews give it creaminess but have to be blitzed to nothing. It’s the nooch and mustard that give the cheesy flavour. Sometimes add a bit of miso paste for fermented tang but only if I’m feeling extravagant.

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Needs lots of nutritional yeast, at least 3/4 of a cup!

Cheers, may give it a go this weekend

I do this quite often and it’s bloody brilliant, and so so simple


a couple of really quick staples, not my best work but very satisfying

Tikka naan

  • Diced chicken
  • Patak’s tikka masala paste
  1. Mix and put in fridge night before
  2. Get home, bake for 15 mins
  3. Eat in pitta with salad etc and some cheeky Asian condiment if you can get a good one

Harissa curry chicken
Experiment which worked for me

  • Chicken
  • harissa paste
  • garlic salt
  • curry powder
  • stock
  • coconut milk
  • rice (I use cauli rice sometimes)
  1. Cook onions, chicken etc
  2. Add harissa paste and cook for 2 mins
  3. Add a bit of stock, seasoning, curry powder and coconut milk and cook for 15 mins till reduced and thickened
  4. Add rice

Crispy sweet and sour beef.

Thinly slice beef and toss in cornflour, set aside for twenty minutes.

Chop up lots of veg, inc garlic, ginger, onion, red pepper, pineapple.

Mix ketchup, sugar and vinegar in 3:1:1 ratio, add marmite (soy sauce replacement cause micro_ravens can’t eat it)

Deep fry the beef at 160 for a minute or two remove and drain. Stir fry the veg. Re fry the beef at 180 for 1 minute. Add beef to the veg, stir in the sauce and serve with rice

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You lot put so much more effort into cooking than me. Pretty pleased with myself after slapping a few chops on the grill with some boilers and a bit of overdone broccoli


And that’s perfectly fine. Nowt wrong with that. I find an hour in the kitchen is a good way to have a bit of space, in a house where there isn’t much, so I revel in a good recipe


Also that’s more than I do half the time too, I swing wildly between “proper” cooking and fish fingers for the kids, late night kebab takeaway for the grown ups

any sort of pasta and cheese sauce

massively, massively underrated plate of food that


What type of potatoes and tomatoes do you use for this?

Maris piper and normal round (salad) toms

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Bookmarked for next week cheers

I think this is my favourite ever for anyone interested (+ coconut milk)

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