Your best/worst bones

This is a thread to discuss the bones you like and dislike the most that you possess.

My best bone is probably my right tibia it feels very substantial. Solid, weighty, it offers me great support and is well framed by my muscular calf.

My least favourite bone is my bone of contention because I mostly enjoy to agree with people instead of to disagree with people.

This might be something?


lovely stuff

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Best: skull, feels substantial and tough. Also think it’s a good shape. Classic skull.

Worst: little toe on right foot, it’s all smushed and fused together weirdly after breaking it and not having it properly strapped up.

my best bone is my right elbow because I can lick it

my worst bone is my leftmost metacarpal because I got angry and punched a table once and it broke so now it’s healed all weird and bumpy

Best: Probably either shin, they’re quite resolute and strong from being bashed around doing physically demanding work over the years.

Worst: Almost definitely my spine as it has at least 3 diagnosed medical conditions and causes me almost constant pain. My left elbow gets a dishonourable mention too as it is permanently inflamed.

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Best - collarbone, quite like how prominent it is
Worst - one of the ear ones probably, annoyingly small ears

Small ears are good.


This is lovely.

Best: my left ulna because it feels so thin and insubstantial yet has never ever failed me, the old reliable. Classic bone.

Worst: some ribs but not all of them. The ones which are currently broken are rubbish shitcunts. When they are fully healed I might move them to best though.

What about ears without lobes?


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Big fan of my incus
My left femural head is proper pain in the arse

This feels only one step down from when someone gradually makes what they’re writing into the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Lovely stuff, Tone

My penis (not actually a bone)

I don’t really understand what you mean here Theo but thank you anyway

Ear bones are inside your head, aren’t they?

I don’t answer hypotheticals

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Connected to your head bone

Oh sorry, I thought this entire thing was a setup for you to make a bone of contention joke. I liked it.

Okay: there are no bones involved in the size of your ears.