Your best/worst bones

I’ve got a bone to pick with capitalism



Best bone - the people’s elbow
Worst bone - my incredibly flimsy little finger on the left hand

Thanks Theo. You’re giving me way too much credit if you think I do things like “setups” or “jokes” though

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I like my scapulas, can’t pick which is best.

Right ulna can gtfo.

In my opinion “the ears are the squashiest part of the face”


hate all my bones

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No it’s a sign you’re haunted sorry


So are big ears​:ear::blush:

My right humerus is the worst one by far, because it had a bone cyst that wasn’t discovered until I broke the bloody thing, which required surgery to fix, but not until six months of healing of the break. They found a second bone cyst on the other side of it when they were doing the surgery, which they had missed up until that point because they had only taken x-rays from one angle. This started my lifelong suspicion that a lot of doctors are actual idiots.

Fun fact: the genetic disorder that caused this either affects one bone, all of the long bones, or nearly all of your bones. It won’t be affecting all of my bones because that would cause some issues that would be apparent by now, but they’ve never x-rayed any of my other long bones to check for cysts, so they could all be accidents waiting to happen.

Best: dunno. Got quite broad shoulders?

“My ears aren’t big, they just stick out!” - Tone, daily and pointlessly aged 6-11

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My least favourite bone is my left ear.
It has a weird, elvish pointy bit.

Whatever bone is near the achilles is rubbish

Also one of my ears has a little fold on it and it looks a little bit cute but mainly it’s embarrassing because ears should be sturdier. Not sure if it’s a bone though

My best bone is my collar bone

Pretty decent collar bones now I think of it tbh. My feet have never given me any trouble either.

Pretty weak jawbone if I didn’t add a beard on top of it.

Hah jinx.

We all know that elves are the sexiest of the mythical beings


Actually my cheek bones are lovely

(and you guys should check out @avery’s cheekbones when you get the chance, they’re the sound of the summer)


That guy has excellent facial bone structure, it’s true.
He also has a lovely neck.


Mad how devoid of feeling the bit of skin on your elbow is isn’t it? I reckon a dog could bite my elbow skin and I wouldn’t notice, save for the dog hanging off my arm

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oh you! :blush:

you’re right, your cheek bones are also lovely.


Which dog?

Small to Medium sized