Your best/worst bones

They’re (usually) my faves!

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I’m a medium to medium-large kinda dog person, don’t typically enjoy a small dog (as much as other dogs - I obviously enjoy all dogs immensely)

I just pinched mine and it was mildy but tolerably painful.

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of my favourite three types of dogs I would say one is small, one is medium and one is medium-large!

Oh that’s odd! I can really go for it with the pinching and barely feel a thing. Sometimes I get my wife to bite it and still nothing

No room for Large or Extra Large?

“Scott, mate! Your elbows gone on fire!”
“I hadn’t noticed that, thank you for pointing it out, I’ll now address this”



Not in my top three!

kings of Leon run into the room
Your elbows on fiiireee”
Me: “cheers I hadn’t noticed”
Kings of Leon: “you are welcome”

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great thread. i think all my bones are quite bad, because they hurt all the time, although thats probably joints isnt it. having said that ive never broken any so far!!! so maybe theyre all actually good? so on balance id have to say: my funny bone, for both


@anon5266188 I have never broken a bone and I don’t think I ever will. However, @kermitwormit says that I will at some point, because everyone has to at some point, like getting chicken pox. This doesn’t sound very likely to me. Could you clear this up for me please? (I’m assuming you’re a bone expert as you started this, the bone thread)

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As a neutral third party, I think that was intended as a threat.


Never had it. Absolutely terrified of it

I haven’t broken a bone either! (unless you count toes because there’s no way of knowing that!)

When I was a kid I had chicken pox the same day as Alan Land so I just got to go round his house instead of going to school.

However, Kermo is smart, wise, knowledgable and has an ass that just won’t quit so I might have to defer a final decision on this…


^ has publicly promised to “bone” @AQOS


She should be so lucky

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  • I have broken a bone
  • I have @joke-like bones of steel

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Fuck’s sake, now I’m bet into Googling bone cysts here in work.

Mine was boring, just a (well, two) hollow bit of bone. They injected mega steroids into them to encourage them to heal over, which is probably why I’m now incredibly ripped but have shriveled, useless genitals.

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