Your boss just called and said to tell you to take the afternoon off

tell me three things you’d do with your afternoon

  • take a nice walk home
  • play a bit of super metroid
  • start editing the mountain of audio i have to edit, boohoo
  • go to bed
  • wake up
  • go back to sleep

I’m not even tired.

  • Climbing wall
  • Rocket League
  • Bath

Proper knackered tbh probably just go home and sleep.

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  • LP Cafe for a cuppa and a mooch
  • Pub for a pint and some writing
  • Find somewhere to watch some football later
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Go to the cinema
Look at the shops on the industrial estate
Go home and make a pea, broad bean and mint pilaf for dinner

I’d get drunk, watch the food network and maybe try and do something creative (bitch about on DiS)

Man I’d recommend listening to this too

The orchestration’s something else

• climb
• snacks

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This counts as three things.

  • see if the missus is up for a mid-afternoon ‘nap’
  • walk out to pick up my son from pre-school at 5ish
  • crack on with some general house jobs

Climbing wall

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Properly boring stuff, like ironing and hoovering.

three things, people. come on!!

Might clean the bathroom as well.

I have so much to do I’d probably be a total bellend and keep working.

If I was pushed to do anything else it would probably be
Assasin’s Creed Origins
maybe go to the cinema
Play some guitar

f.f.s. shut it down @mods

Is this a #Busybrag? I guess it is. Genuinely feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Should probably switch of DiS notifications but I am also self destructive and revelling in literally any distraction.

On the plus side

Cc @dots