Your cold water situation

  • I drink cold water thats poured straight from the tap because its cold enough
  • I pour water into a jug (maybe with a filter) which then goes in the fridge
  • Some other option I haven’t thought of

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Lovely little thread this

When in Manchester I used one of those Britta jug things. Now I cba. Cornwall water seems ok

Even though Manchester has soft water and doesn’t need filtering???

Yeah err. I’m stupid

It wasn’t my choice. Somebody in my flat used to have it and I just assumed ‘oh this is the good shit’. Tbh I can’t tell the difference

I didn’t like Manchester water, too used to the southern hard muck I grew up on.

I pour disgusting Bristolian water into a water filter jug and then leave it on the side, and pour when I need water. Not enough room in the fridge- we’ve been over this.

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Yeah I can’t tell the difference taste wise. Only thing I hate about hard water is that it’s impossible to make a cup of tea without it looking a disaster.

Fridge water is loads better but I’m too shortsighted to arrange it.

Didn’t realise until moving into this flat how much of a luxury having really cold water straight out the tap is

Like I find it mad that southerners grow up with scum on the surface of their tea and it’s just normal

Same as @AQOS

I also suggest using this water in the kettle for nice tea. Or get a Brita kettle.

Pour from the tap, climb into the freezer with glass, wait ten minutes, then drink

I do! But a Brita kettle might be on my list for payday, oooooh yaaaaahhhh

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