Your colleague is going to the shop and asks if you want anything


You pull out £1.50 from your pocket. What ya gonna get?

I went:

  • teasers bar
  • can of coke

Not especially exciting. I’m sure YOU can do better.


I’d give them forty quid and a shopping list


Coke Zero and some hula hoops playse.


Reece’s cups and surprise me


From the shop here £1.50 would get you a tin of Pepsi, a bag of crisps and probably 6 bars of chocolate.


I usually request one of those horrible energy drinks in a disturbingly-oversized can with a horrible lurid design on it and a weird neon colour and an inexplicable flavour. Plus something with peanut butter in it. I always feel horrible - just horrible - afterwards.


bit of cake from the cafe downstairs isn’t it

(not chocolate)


Twix Xtra and a can of Spicy Ginger Beer please (think £1:50 would cover that, if not a normal Twix)


Shimano 105 groupset (TINTCT)


mods please ban smee

they’re going to the shop ffs



If you were doing a shop run. How far would a colleague have to underpay before you’d mention it?

£1 for me


Is correct.


probably wouldn’t even mention it because i’m lovely (as long as i’m not putting like a fiver towards some stupid snack)


so the answer you were looking for was £5, thanks


there’s no way anyone would request anything costing a fiver from “the shop” without handing over that sort of money in the first place


Quid seems fair but probably wouldnt say owt



I would mention it but in passing and in a ‘scratch my back at some point in the future, m2405’ way, rather than expecting the extra ££££ (this only applies for pure colleagues, for people I like it’s all gravy, baby)


Might go and have a mooch in the shop in a bit actually. Got no actual work to do this afternoon.


Chilli McCoy’s and a Curly Wurly