Your colleague is going to the shop and asks if you want anything

Errrrrrm uuuummmmm…

5 minutes later

UMMM… OH I don’t know… eeerrrr…

Ach, nothing, I’m fine… NO! WAIT! tootyfrooties PLEASE… and a milkyway crispy roll, ta very much. Are you going to swing by (insert fancy coffee place)? Flat White please. THANKS!

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too late, pal. they left three minutes ago. honestly, some people!

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do an aggpass jaunt round the room handing everyone their change then just hand the underpayer the receipt

:sob: :sob: :sob: NOOOOOOO!!! :rage: :rage: :rage:

upturns table and smashes computer

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I’m WFH. Sorry

suppose they came back and didn’t give you any change from your 1.50, how much would it have to be for you to mention it?

if I wanted something worth less than £1 I wouldn’t give them £1.50. If I wanted something worth more than £1 I wouldn’t expect to be given any change back.

Onus is obviously on the requestor to provide the correct money or higher, as the shop goer is doing them a favour.

salt and vinegar crisps (pop chips preferable, anything BUT walkers)
diet coke


Colleague has just popped to 'scos. Asked me if I want anything, politely said no. Has come back with a bag of winegums to share regardless. Great bunch o’lad.


wrap of speed and 2L of fanta

you’ve played an absolute blinder there, dinoman

If you were popping out to the shop and someone told you they do under the counter duty free fags and asked you to get some would you do it?

(:musical_note: yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah :musical_note:)

  • yeah
  • nah

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nice try, Narc

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Colleague asks you to pick up a copy of the Sun

  • Not my place to judge
  • FO,M

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Buy him a copy of the Morning Star, obviously.