Your cuttlery drawer set up

In this order from left to right:
Forks, knives, spoons.
Teaspoons underneath.

That’s correct. Definitely NOT knives, forks, spoons.

Photos and arguments encouraged

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my cutlery what?

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One drawer for knives forks and spoons, no division. Another drawer for spatulas, big knives, etc etc

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Mine goes out to in, spoon, knife, fork.


Thats some nice cutters that

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Cutlery tray set out l-r with teaspoons, forks, spoons, knives, steak knives. Also in the drawer; knife sharpener, can opener, corkscrew, egg timer thing, couple of little knives. All other knives in the knife block and utensils in a pot shaped like a stag’s head.

I think there’s something growing in mine. Utter chaos.

Same as you fapps. Fork, knife, spoons, teasp under and then general stuff like peelers, straws, plastic cereal tat and millions of Calpol syringes on the left.


Spoons! Forks! KNIVES!

Pretty much just knives everywhere tbh

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Shit @moderators can you edit my typo please :grin:

Cutlery tray l-r

Teaspoons underneath
Miscellaneous bit of tray houses Calpol syringes, baby cutlery and plastic knives, fork and spoons for Sistema lunch boxes

Next to cutlery tray is stuff like chopsticks, small paring Knives, tub of keys (🤷), tub of clips for open bags of stuff, tongs, garlic press, bottle openers, nationwide online banking card thing, tape measure, matches, Winchester FC season tickets, parcel tape. Fucking mess

Drawer underneath is proper chaos and I hate it. All large utensils like serving spoons (3) wooden spoons (3), ladles (2), spatula chopping boards (6), stick blender, temperature probes (2), big knives (3), rolling pin, fish slices (3), potato masher and whisk all chucked in together. Absolutely does my nut in

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This, but the miscellaneous bit is on the right-hand side


I’d be interested in seeing everyone’s potato masher and rating. Mine is crap so want a new one.

I don’t have a single drawer in my kitchen


…i have many

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No I actually have none :cry:

Where do you put things? In pots?

Where do you keep the takeaway menus?

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