Your cuttlery drawer set up

2 tupperware boxes that sit on the microwave :open_mouth:
box 1 - knives, can opener, corkscrews
box 2 - forks & spoons of all sizes

outside the boxes as they’re too large - wooden spoon, chopsticks, spatula thing, big knife

Not been in there for a long long time.

Another member of the #nokitchendrawers club

Lil trolley

And a big utensils pot by the hob


Glimpse of my spud masher there, too, @Unlucky


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  • We all have that one fork/spoon we fucking hate

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came here to say exactly this

Reckon I have about 50 teaspoons, why do I need so many teaspoons?

Opened ours the other week and there was a really big silverfish in there.

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mine has been more or less empty for a while as i’ve just been leaving everything in the drying rack. cba

Top drawer

Bottom drawer


Took that as top drawer meaning a good drawer and was agreeing “yeah that is a top drawer”


Love a trolley!

I have another :joy:

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Could also mean ‘top drawer’ like the phrase to mean high quality. A very versatile post from which we’ve been enriched.


I decided this is different to what you were saying.


Top section is chopsticks and fruit picks.

Have some old cutlery that I keep in the utensil drawer for cooking or dog food.


Top, l-r: Misc (including for some reason THREE coffee measuring spoons in addition to the one I actually use!?), spoons, forks, knives.
Bottom, l-r: teaspoons, plastic cutlery (handy for outdoors use or when children are visiting, more misc.


some lovely order here as opposed to the chaos of above :+1: :grinning:

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I get really upset about my utensil storage because it’s so unorganised and messy, but looking at some of the above I’m feeling much better about it haha. Think it’s actually impossible to have satisfying utensil storage :cry:

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