Your Darkest Go To

Over the years (I’m 33) this has changed a lot, but what’s your go to song for when you’re feeling low, or home alone after a few drinks and wanna go to the depths? For me these days, it seems to be Neil Young - Ambulance Blues. Although this is really only within the last year or so. There have been many predecessors.

Red house painters - uncle joe

The one in your profile pic was mine for a little while, but then I overplayed it and it lost its impact.

Mmmhmm I like that. Big shout out to New Order - Elegia too

Slint - Spiderland?

No, she went of her own accord


Of course I mean Spiderland

sometimes this

Bleakest record ever

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Alriiiight alright, just making sure as there was an answer in between. I think the songs of this subject matter do lose their power over the years, regardless. Which or what from Spiderland was your downer song? I don’t really think of it like that.

Didn’t really have one song per se, would rarely listen to it without listening to it all from start to end.

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To me it just reminds me of my first car and driving around, almost trying to break the speakers hahha

Nothing or Waiting around to die by Townes Van zandt
Also if I’m listening to anything off Scratch n Sniff by Stone Titan something’s happening that won’t be enjoyable

Beeswing by Richard Thompson (remember occasionally gasping in pain at that final verse) and Factory by Martha Wainwright.


Not sure about these days, but I remember this song literally soundtracking the end of my first serious relationship.

It ended up pretty much on repeat for the entire last weekend we spent together breaking up some reason, not sure why - I think it was a CD single of it too, so backed with a bunch of remixes of the same song.

It was already pretty repetitive, but the main refrain of “stop this teenage movie we’ve lived/stop this teenage movie, you dig?/I’m ready to roll the end credits” going over and over and over like a mad disintegration loop gave the whole experience a weirdly surreal edge.

Pretty much guaranteed to induce a downward spiral for a good while after:

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The Bed by Lou Reed.

What a feeling!

Maybe Skeleton Tree these days

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The Copper Top- Bill Wells and Aiden Moffat


Red house painters. Usually medicine bottle or Katy’s song.

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Pink Moon is the obvious choice for me. I feel like I shouldn’t be listening to it when Parasite comes on, just such an uncomfortable listen. A great talent taken too young.