your data and you

so johnson and his elite team of skidmarks will, inevitably, prune out GDPR rules to allow the harvest and sale of data between companies/whoever is paying.

With that in mind:

How much do you care about the data companies/anyone ‘has on you’ as it were?
  • They can have at it - don’t give a shit
  • Concerned about this, but not enough to worry about setting cookie preferences etc
  • Concerned about this, and worried enough to set cookie preferences etc
  • VPN > Tor > Protonmail

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for me? I don’t care at all. I care for others though

i shall add that to my data on you


One of those things that in the abstract I know I should very much care about, but on a practical level I just do not give a shit.

Mind you I do use a VPN because it would hypothetically be extremely embarrassing for a hypothetical intellectual property professional to hypothetically be nabbed for hypothetical copyright infringement for hypothetically downloading the occasional hypothetical SNES hypothetical ROM. Hypothetically.


Always cracks me up when you reject cookies on some sites and they’re like

“We won’t be able to personalise ads to fit your preferences”

As if I’ll be like

“Oh FUCK they’ve got me there. My day will be ruined if this page isn’t visually fucking decimated by a huge banner ad for something that I already bought three months ago”


Don’t care

of course anyone TRULY invested in preventing data harvest won’t be answering this poll

there’s a poll answer for that.

I’m not concerned with data collecting per se, it’s the securitisation of data that is the worrying thing because it eventually means turning over all political decision making to risk analysis with extremely patchy accuracy, and ultimately decision making from online corporations that’re more concerned with engagement than any sort of ethics/civic duty.


Facebook still thinks I have the job I worked at for about three months in 2013


Did a software update on my ipad recently which meant the twitter and facebook apps had to explicitly ask me for permission to follow me around to other apps and the justification was so laughable it was like… obviously no? :smiley:

Didn’t want you to have my opinion on record

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me speaking “be careful what you post and where you go online it will be used for nefarious purposes in the future, big tech, big data and surveillance culture is a real civil liberties danger”

my actions - all my socials are my actual name, post pictures of my self, none of my accounts are protected, one of my passwords has been compromised and people keep logging into my ubisoft account in azerbhaijan


Facebook is mainly just for pinpointing the exact moment that old classmates got really into QAnon at this point


Pretty tinfoil hat about this sort of stuff, have mostly stopped using apps because they all ask for unnecessary permissions, deleted the little social media I had too. Don’t think I’m particularly interesting or anything but I preferred it when my targeted ads were all way off the mark.

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This book came out a couple of months ago

I’ve had it on my shelf since July. Not opened it yet. Kinda scared to read it

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Feel like signing up for anything online is like that bit in a video game where you have to make a decision

And the game is trying to frame it as normal but they fail miserably and you know full well it’s going to bite you in the ass during the final boss fight, during which a huge Godzilla monster fires lasers powered by all those feet videos you kept watching

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Pronunciation check
  • Day-ta
  • Dar-ta

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well more like day-toh