Your device history: portable music players (feat. nostalgia)

Use this thread to take us through your history of music playing devices.

If memory serves, mine is something like this:

Basic Sony Walkman

Upgraded to a better Aiwa (I think model) in the mid 90s

Then got a discman the very next year

And some years later upgraded that to this


Had a brief dalliance with minidiscs


Before coming around to MP3s

Since then I’ve been listening mostly to music on my phones.

Your turn.


Cheap tape player for years, and then this thing of absolute joy:


Then various iPods.


My first iPod: a design classic



Still miss my iRiver


One of these rad lads

Then one of these (it was awesome and I got a load of stick for it because ‘my parents didn’t love me enough to buy me an iPod’ but I didn’t care)

Then this, which I bought at university but found in a bag a few months ago having presumed it definitively lost. Still works, still brilliant.


Sony Walkman
Sony Discman
Sony Minidisc player
IRiver H340 MP3 player
iPod Classic 160gb
Various cheap Chinese MP3 players that take a micro SD card (currently on a “Supereye”).

Only really use my phone for streaming. I prefer a separate device for music.

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Can remember my very first walkman, how it looked, blue with yellow paint splat design. But can I remember the brand or find it online, no. Sorry.

Then got one of these badboys:

Then had this. But it wasn’t mine it was my dad’s he never used it. It became unusable as the little plastic rotator in the middle broke so it wouldn’t hold CD’s in place properly. Unless it was sitting pan flat on a table so was useless for carrying around, it would just skip all over the place. Actually tried to fix it with blu tack

Then iPod Gen 3

iPod Gen5 Classic:

Now the old Samsung Galaxy S10 for streaming.

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iPod mini (4GB, baby blue)
iPod touch (8GB)
iPod touch (32GB) acquired after my dad put a screwdriver through screen of the aforementioned device trying to fix some dead pixels


Couldnt be bothered searching or listing everything so here’s the highlight!

Also had a walkman cd player, a few mp3 players before getting the ipod and had a MiniDisc player too.


Had a few walkmans (walkmen?) before this lad


Then this but in blue

Then won this in a Q competition


Followed by a tiny 256mb MP3 player my then-gf’s parents got me for christmas off BidUpTV.

Then 1st gen ipod touch which I fucking loved deeply and had 1000s of songs on then died one day. JUst use my phone now.


Think all the ones I had have been mentioned apart from this


Should never have got rid of it.

Ooh I used a psp as my music player after the minidisc. Big pockets.


Oh shit yeah I had one of these for a bit too



Had one of these Samsungs. Could fit about forty songs on it max but i thought that was AMAZING. Think this was about 2004ish?

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this was my first (and only) mp3 player. absolutely loved it.

just looking it up now apparently it was only on the market for 6 months!


I can’t find the exact images, but it was something like this:

Then an upgrade to one with a microphone and record function (can’t find a photo of this)

Then a really swish Sony one


Then when my stereo CD player started playing up, I got (and still have, in the loft) one of these:


Then I got my first mp3 player, a Sony NWE-103 (the 256MB version):

And then, finally, in 2007, a first gen iPod Touch, in a box with Macy Gray on the front:


Shit, this could take a while…

Nah, it’s taking far too long to browse through the Argos catalogues of the 80s & 90s

The best ‘Walkman’ I ever had though was a Sanyo Espera ES-P7 which I guess I bought in 1993

Which lasted all the way up until I got a Sony MZR30 in 1998

And after I dropped that and ran over it when I came off my bike I replaced it with the MZR37 in 2000

I still have this one

I loved the minidisc format so much that I tried to resist the mp3 revolution all the way up until I got one of these in 2007

…which was frankly shite as either a phone or a walkman so I bought a 2nd gen iPod touch when they came out the following year

Which I LOVED …but I lost it after about a year or so, no idea where

So I bought an iPhone 3GS in 2009

& I’ve been iPhone ever since, now on a 13 pro max


Shame I couldn’t find all the radio cassettes/walkmen & boomboxes I had pre 93 though


Had a purple radio/cd player in year 5, one of those circle cd players you can keep in your pocket in year 11 (my mum had a portable tape player that I’d borrow sometimes in the years between this). My first ipod (same as hoogys one but pink) when I was in year 12 and an ipod nano with a camera when I was in my 2nd year of university. Had an ipod shuffle at one point but it was so shit I returned it

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Definitely had one of these classics, I think it was inherited from my older cousin

Went through a bunch of personal CD players cos I used to mangle them quite regularly. Best was one I managed to break so that CDs would play without the lid being closed :smiley:

First MP3 player I had was one of these, a 20gb Sony one I got (totally unexpectedly) as a Christmas gift. It was great, not least cos it freed me from having to pick a bunch of CDs to talk to work each day to listen to.


That got busted in my bag at an NME gig (Maximo Park, Blood Red Shoes, others???) so I replaced it with a Creative Zen.

It was huge and the battery life was trash, but - 60gb baby!!!’ That got busted when I accidentally threw it across a nightbus.

After that I just bought iPods. I got an 80gb, then bought a 160gb when that got full. Killed the 160gb and replaced it not long before they discontinued them. Still got both floating around somewhere.

I think I finally got a useful phone (iPhone 4) around 2014/5? and have been on the streaming services train ever since.


First was an iPod Mini, 4GB, blue. I think the first thing I ever saved up for, researched and bought from myself (off eBay, second hand but in v good condition). Loved that thing, had the little iPod sock for it and everything.

Got a 2nd gen iPod shuffle (2GB I think, and also blue) when the mini starting losing its powers, still quite like that form factor of the whole thing essentially just being a clip. Easy to attach to trousers, coats etc.

Then an iPod Touch. Funny to me now that I would go around with both this and a phone at the same time, back when my phone couldn’t do music or go on the internet. This one is still alive, because I have a DAB radio with a iPod connection, which the Touch just stands in all the time so the battery never runs down. I stopped using iTunes years and years ago, so the music on there can never be extracted or changed.

Then just music on phones mostly, although I do also have a little cheapo MP3 player with SD card capability, which is pretty brilliant for the £20 or so it cost. Incredibly, it also has ebook reader functionality, despite the screen being about the size of a thumbnail. Shout out to ‘AGPTEK’ :+1:

I also have many portable tape players, but those are for making / mangling music / sound rather than for listening, so that’s a different story in my mind.

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Proline walkman (dead)
Bush walkman (dead)
Goodmans portable cd player (still got somewhere)
ipod mini (lost)
ipod classic (still got, battery life is terrible)
various phones/streaming

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