Your door holding situation

got one held open with a (fucking heavy) sellotape dispenser

another with a novelty beer bottle coin bank

Always love seeing a door propped open by a fire extinguisher.


got one of those in the office

probably against some sort of law


I like a shut door myself. Always have.

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no situations here


Fuck the man :facepunch: :fire: :fire_engine:

Currently holding no doors open

Every door in this flat is a fire door so I have a shitload of plastic wedges from Wilko to keep them open

preparing yourself for fires? probably wise

but do you have the option to hold a door

Most of my doors stay open by themselves. I guess they’re well hung like their owner amirite?!

Hoping to hold one open for the delivery man* later.

*I know it is a man as I have his name.

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are you sure? lindsay could go either way

99% sure

Need an effective way of keeping our bedroom door closed. Doesn’t really fit the frame properly so can only swing it to, which was fine but now the cat has started opening it and coming in during the night and walking around on my face


i would just leave it open, that sounds funny

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Not at 3 in the morning

well, not for you


Have no doors that need holding open at home. At my part-time job I’m responsible for fire safety so if you leave a door held open when it’s meant to be shut you will get an absolute talking to

Although I obviously got one of these for Christmas a couple of years ago