Your family's pub of choice.

If you were in a pub culture sort of family.

This was the pub of my youth.

However, one day, the landlord of the time - Danny, told my mum he’d like to poo on a perspex casserole dish over her face and then my parents changed allegiances.

The pub of my youth became this place, which arguably, was the worst decision they made as it was full of people I came to resent and not as nice and wholesome as the Cally family (poo aside)

Don’t think I’ve ever been in a pub with my family unless it’s been specifically a food serving pub and for a meal


Danny, what the fuck man?


We even spent xmas days in ours, we were always there.

I was envious of those types of family dynamics I think but probably that’s just so that I’d like pubs as an adult and not feel like a weirdo


my irish grandad used to lock my mum and her two brothers in the car for three hours when he went to the pub.

very enjoyable disclaimer


Definitely, this until me Grandad died, had a Turkish Landlord who was also the chef food was banging also had a Tequila bar with those worms in it.


But mainly this place that shut after the landlady moved down the road to The Railway and we all followed.

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This was the nearest pub

For some reason we’ve never been


only really went to the local GAA club down the road occasionally

otherwise restaurants

my mum and dad would sometimes got to a hotel in town called The Fir Trees for a drink (it’s known more locally as a bar and restaurant because no one really stays there). i already posted that place in the ‘restaurants you went to as a kid’ thread.

It didn’t used to be white, it was the same brick as the bookies next door, so it’s presumably had other upgrades since then. Probably does tapas now.

this looks like somewhere you’d go to be hired to kill someone in GTA


I’ve also been locked in cars before. Good old 80s parenting. My dad locked me in his whilst he went to record a single :laughing:


Closed for about 15yrs and then opened up under new management. According to Google it’s closed again though. So no idea really. Fond memories of sitting in the pub garden with a glass bottle of coke, a pack of brannigans crisps and playing on one of those creepy tree climbing frames with a slide, like some lite chef’s had.

Once we got older it was evenings here

And this pub across the road from our house. Still go in here sometimes when I’m home


We weren’t a pub family so as soon as I was old enough I adopted my best mate’s family’s pub of choice. Booked out the snug for a small post-wedding party there (the main party was in London the next day) and went there after my grandad’s funeral.

Weird coincidence - there used to be a rumour about one of the regulars, that they used to lie under a glass coffee table and get their girlfriend to crap on it. Can’t remember their name (i.e. can’t rule out that it’s not Danny again).

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unless you count the harvester as a pub, I genuinely didn’t set foot inside a pub in the UK until I was about 17.


My parents never went to the pub when I was a kid. Tbh, there weren’t that many pubs around, and what pubs there were were old mens pubs that you wouldn’t want to take kids to, but on top of that there were four of us, so it would have felt like a creche. I’m not sure whether or not that’s led to me having a healthier or unhealthier relationship with pubs in later life

This was “the posh pub”

Didn’t go there either


this was the point of pubs round where I lived really.