Your favorite songs not sung in English


_Just Heard “A Minha Menina” by Os Mutantes (had to Shazam it of course) here in downtown NYC and almost crashed my car into a yellow cab, jamming out. Made me wonder what other songs in a foreign language (assuming English is your first language!) do we enjoy?


Jacques Brel, Amsterdam.



So many! Some standouts are moto moindo ny staff benda bilili in congolese, vastakaiun (probably spelling these wrong) by tenhi in finnish and loads of kpop and jpop songs, and i listen to songs in Somali, Arabic and Spanish too



oooo I second this.


So good. Also
My first pick in the ‘two tracks you’d play at a party’ thread


Just put it on the the tv was like ‘what’s this?!’ With an unacceptable tone.



Yeah I know Edif Piaf sung the original but man do I love this version - one of my favourite covers of all time :grinning:


Choose by 1000 Travels of Jawaharlal
Anything off Insomniac Doze by Envy
Hopskotch by Farse


God I miss peak Mars Volta




Gypsy kings always remind me of my cousins :+1::grinning:


But aren’t your cousins the Chinese gods of Thunder, Rain and Lightning???



Adding this too - also on The Greatest Covers Album in the world…ever


For fuck sakes :grinning::wink:



Twilight Sad - and she will darken the memory