Your favourite acoustic record?


Just listening to some Leonard Cohen.

What’s your favourite acoustic record?

Mine’s probably something obscure you wouldn’t have heard of.

One answer per person, please.


Elliott Smith s/t (with apologies to Either/Or)


first one that comes to mind is yer man off the drones’ solo record, go through serious obsessions with it


josh t pearson, maybe?


Didn’t it Rain


Went through a phase of lapping up loads of this stuff.

Loads of time for Elliott Smith and Fionn Regan (who is sorely underrated).

All timer is probably Lou Barlow ‘emoh’.


Musically this is superb. Reminds me a bit of Josh T Pearson. Can’t really get into his voice, though. Feels a bit out of kilter with the tone of the songs, idk.


yeah his voice is a sticking point for a lot of people, but i like it, and his lyrics are amazing




s/t Elliott Smith and Songs of Leonard Cohen come very close, but overall I’d probably pick


Swell - 41, massively overlooked post-grunge band who really had nothing grunge like about them (ok, apart from on their follow up to this). From start to end, a fantastic record:


Great shout from @Ruffers with Sibylle Baier, a devastatingly beautiful album.

A few of my favourites have already been mentioned so my vote goes to Howlin’ Wolf’s Moanin’ in the Moonlight.


Whatever happened to Fionn Regan? I saw him at Homefires 2007, bought his debut album and then never bothered with him afterwards. Very gifted guitarist.


Pink Moon
Nirvana Unplugged
pretty much all of lofi Mountain Goats


Did you get The Bunkhouse Volume. 1? My favourite of his. Ultra stripped back and seems too simplistic at first but boy does it blossom when you give it time. Delicate but powerful.


Astral Weeks is good innit


If Our Endless Numbered Days is acoustic, then that


Bloody love that album


I’ve not got it! Will look it up.


Came to say Pink Moon

Sounds great this time of year too