Your favourite and least favourite month

Have we done this? Anyway, as we crawl to the end of Jan I thought it might be a good time to reflect.


July! I guess August would make more sense to me, I’m a teacher and that’s when I get all the holiday but often a lot of that is Results Days and dread about going back in September. July is when the weather is normally decent enough for long bike rides, barbeques on the beach etc. GBOM.

Least Favourite

January. Get in the bin you horrible, horrible month. Cold and dark but without the anticipatory fun of Christmas. No half-term or holiday or anything just a bleak grind of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.

Yeah I’ll say the same. Used to be a wintry kind of guy but I’m not any more. Fuck that.

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I don’t know. Let’s go September for signs of autumn and clear skies but hard to judge now months just do what they want and summer starts in like April.

Cold clear winter morning is the best type of morning though.

And shout out to this January for being absolutely spectacularly rain free, and beautiful skies at nights. Best January ever.


Favourite Month either May, June or July. Depends which one has the best weather.

Least favourite February absolute bullshit month always feels longer than January and generally never had that many gigs to go to cause normally all the bands are in Australia. Never got the hate for January pubs/restaurants/clubs etc are quiter can get to the bar and not have someone drooling in me armpit.

Best - July
Worst - January

Tbh only get a few good months in UK

Dec,Jan,Feb = dark, freezing, dreadful
March, April, May = Rain. And often still cold
June, July, Aug = Good
Sept, Oct, Nov = cold, windy, bad. Go on, pretend to like it because of leaves, fucking leaves!!

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Favourite is August. Nice weather, football season about to start.

October is the pits. Wet, windy, sludgy, work is usually manic and stressful (it’s also too spooky for me)

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Outsider vote for September - kids back in school and still T-shirt weather but with less chance of brutalising heatwave

January has nothing. NOTHING. Even shitty little Feb makes a half-assed effort with Valentine’s day and Pancake day, then has the good manners to fuck off two days early so we can start spring.

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February is worse than January, sadly



Freezing cold and really sunny mornings are the optimum. Creme de la creme of weather IMO

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Big fan of August, great weather, holidays, and most of all, my birthday

Worst, maybe October, November or January

September is best, October and April are second best, May is good, March is OK, December is exciting and cosy

August and July have recently been too hot, and January is usually very grim and dark, February is too short to have its own identity. June exists.

May’s probably my second favourite, because Brighton goes a bit crazy with the festival and the fringe, and the weather getting warm enough to be outside all the time

Two of the worst days of the year

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Best - October autumn!!
Worst - July too bloody hot.

Best - September- football in full swing, my birthday, weather tends to be good

Worst -january - shit, cold, loads of work

My birthday month so now we are enemies, sir!

It’s your parents’ fault that your birthday is in the worst month, not mine.

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Mate, I also have January as a birthday month. You’re bang on. It’s a heap of shit.


Don’t take shit from a nan who calls himself Scagden, mate :wink:

Pancake day???