Your favourite and least favourite month

Best = June
Worst = November

Best: October cos I’m a :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf:basic autumn bitch :fallen_leaf::maple_leaf:

Worst: February, at least January has cheap restaurant deals and discounted Christmas food in the shops, the only good thing about February is that it’s short and even then every few years they make it longer

January is the worst, it’s also my birthday month and my birthday often feels like the most depressing day of the year.

The best month is whenever the daffs bloom :sunglasses:

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Hate it, always have

Me on pancake day


You monster

Favourite: September. Best weather, nature becomes aesthetically pleasing, good vibes. Feels like the start of something new.

Least favourite: June. bad things always happen in June. No football, post-birthday, just generally quite an ominous month.

please leave the typo in cos I quite enjoy a bit of beef with someone who thinks I’m a grandmother :slight_smile:

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Best - September. Peak tourist season has finished but the weather is still nice enough to go and do things you can’t do over summer. Football’s getting going. Birthday.

Worst - July/August. Too hot, too sweaty, the population goes about tenfold and most people are dickheads. 3, soon to be 4, family birthdays so expensive.

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January has nothing. NOTHING.

You want to have yourself a nice Burns Night celebration. Veggie haggis, glass of scotch, Proclaimers on the stereo, lovely stuff


I can’t remember.

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January is the worst, long cold and ny dread. August is the best, my birthday month and usually a lovely time of year for me. I should like july in theory but july 2011, my dad died, july 2014, my grandmother died and july 2016, my cat died after 12 years with us so it’s a sad month

Feb is the worst cos it’s everything that’s terrible about Jan but Jan has way more birthdays of close friends and is therefore more sociable

Best is May, multiple bank holiday weekends, days continue to get longer, weather improving

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January is absolutely pants and I’m not surprised the majority of people hate it. Even though my birthday is in January I can’t stand it. Even though I share my birthday with two fabulous users @LastAstronaut and @The_Respected_User, I can’t stand it. It’s the worst possible time to have a birthday as well, cause your friends are all doing their New Years ressies so they don’t wanna go for pizza, everyone’s skint cause of Christmas and on top of that, because of tradition or whatever you have to take down all the fun decorations in your house or it’s bad luck or whatever. It’s cold, it’s miserable, it drags on forever, very bad month IMO.

Now. I enjoy a May. I feel like May is cheeky. May is an unexpected wink from a pretty girl in a bar. May has potential. It’s not full on summer, but it’s the promise of nice weather. May doesn’t give you what you want straight away, May flirts with you a little bit and I enjoy that. Lovely month.


Pancake day is March this year folks

We are bound by sharing the worst possible date in the calendar to have a birthday IMO

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Broken Britain.

Best - either May or June. Nice weather, lovely longs days, nature in full swing.

Worst - December. Christmas ruins the entire month as people lose their minds over it. January is always a nice quiet relief after December…

In that case march is the worst month

no doubt we all endured the annual “I’ve spent a couple of quid more than usual so this is for your Christmas and birthday present” throughout childhood!

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I dislike them all equally. February is short and weird so let’s say that is the best.