Your favourite artist

Probably been done before, apologies if so.

Not the best – everyone’s got their own idea of who the best is – but who your favourite is, of all time. The artist who makes the music you like the most.

I’ll start with Soulwax. I love how they wear their influences on their sleeves but use them to inform really good pop. You can tell they’ve listened to a fuck tonne of music in their time, and it makes for some really well crafter tunes, with great melodies, harmonies and beats.

Tell me your favourite artist and why.

Blood Brothers

Walter Schreifels

It’s Radiohead. It’ll probably always be Radiohead.

  1. Ok Computer is my favourite album of all time
  2. Incredible live
  3. The age at which I discovered them. Music never sounds quite like it does in your teens, huh?
  4. The importance of Kid A in terms of exposing me to so much of what I love listening to today.
  5. Just the quality of the run of albums from The Bends through In Rainbows.



everyone can moan all they like

but it’s Mark Kozelek.


And WHY people.

I want details – stories. A reason for me to check them out.

(I am aware of Radiohead. For me my choice was between Soulwax, Radiohead and Primus)

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Youth of Today
Gorilla Biscuits
Rival Schools
Walking Concert
Dead Heavens
Vanishing Life

Wrote the ‘Set Your Goals’ album by CIV
Produced a Title Fight album

I don’t think he’s ever written a bad song. Seems like a really nice guy too.

Both of these have been my favourites at differing points in my life. Right now I couldn’t say I have an absolute favourite, possibly Sun Kil Moon come the closest but I tend to spread the love these days.

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Will you be cross if I write abouy my second favourite? Everyone’s heard of Radiohead. It’s a boring choice.

Nothing would make me happier.

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Conor Oberst would be there or thereabouts for me. Got Bright Eyes, the solo stuff, Desaparecidos and the Monsters of Folk LP too.

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All these bands are incredible.
United By Fate is my second favourite album ever.
Vanishing Life album is awesome.

Galaxie 500.

I got into them very late, way after they disbanded. I first heard them in the late 90s. I guess people’s favourite bands are always those where people identify so very closely with the sound and the lyrics. It was those for me and Galaxie 500. Very underrated and perhaps many/most people haven’t heard of them. Do check the band out.


is Vanishing Life the band with 2 fellas from Trail of Dead?

i cant explain why music is good, you need to just hear it


Yip, sure is

Ah nice, remember hearing they formed and I think I heard one song but nothing more. Glad it’s not shit, I’ll give it a listen

Annoyingly my all time favourite artist are also about the least prolific, Tool.

I remember hearing the album Undertow for the first time in around 1994 and it was as if they’d written it specifically for me it ticked all my boxes. So when Aenima came out in 1996 I bought it as soon as it came out and the whole album gave me shivers down the spine, I listened to it on pretty much permanent rotation for about a month. It has become my favourite album of all time and I still give it regular listens.

Having to wait 5 years in between the next two albums seemed torture, been waiting 11 years now for the next one but I will not give up, I continue to believe they will release one soon(ish) and it will be amazing!


I remember hearing Rival Schools for the first time and thinking it sounded like the guy from Quicksand, without knowing it was actually Walter