Your Favourite B-Sides



What are they?

Not this one



I will be posting a lot of smashing pumpkins content come lunchtime


Mew - mica


B-illy Corgan



Teenage Fanclub - Broken (B-side of ‘Ain’t That Enough’)
Ultrasound - 'Kurt Russell (B-side of ‘Best Wishes’)
Editors - You Are Fading (B-side of ‘Bullets’)
Hope of The States - ‘Angels Over Kilburn’ (B-side of ‘The Red The White The Black The Blue’)


The B-side to Radio Tokyo slaps


Radiohead - Polyethylene Parts 1 + 2; Cuttooth; Talk Show Host

Space - Bastard Me, Bastard You; Cameraman

Suede - My Dark Star


Great shout on Suede, have always loved My Dark Star.
Disc 1 of their B-Sides collection is fantastic… My Insatiable One & Killing Of A Flashboy are as good as anything they’ve done.


As with most things Prince wins wen it comes to B-Sides



Off the top of my head:
Pulp - Laughing Boy
Radiohead - India Rubber, Killer Cars, How I Made My Millions
Beach Boys - God Only Knows (techinally just an American b-side but still)
Belle & Sebastian - Meat and Potatoes


Isn’t How Soon Is Now technically a B-Side? Or is it a double A-Side?


Aneurysm by Nirvana.

Actually their best track


Tindersticks - I’ve been loving you too long
Boo Radleys - Tortoiseshell
Mansun - Cant Afford To Die
Pulp - Tomorrow Never Lies
Massive Attack - Euro Zero Zero
Manics - Are Mothers Saints / Patrick Bateman / Too Cold Here / Charles Windsor
Belle & Seb - The Loneliness of a Middle Distance Runner
Sparklehorse - London
Eels - Fucker
Smashing Pumpkins - really all of Pisces Iscariot…

and yeah… Talk Show Host has to be there.


Another vote for Patrick Bateman. Astoundingly mad song.


Better than all the peers’ a-sides


Enjoyed this 'un in Dublin


This Mogwai B-side from last year was better than a lot of stuff on the album