Your Favourite Gig Photos


I’m not one for taking my shots at gigs. Offen just the odd one or two to save the memory or as a visual for a paragraph of notes.

As the boards now support some links that expand into images (just post them on their own line) I thought it might be nice to share some of your favourite shots. Here’s one I took that sort of captured the intensity of Nine Inch Nails at the O2 in 2014.


I took this a few years back at a Hot Chip gig.



From Rides reunion tour, taken at Manchester Alvert Hall


Japanese Breakfast at Visions Festival. Perhaps a bit of a generic picture but a amazing set. Highlight of the day for me. A petite woman with a great voice and a brilliant stage presence.


Savages playing an early morning show at the 100 Club earlier this year


This is my current fav Bo Ningen at Sea Change in Totnes


Loop at La Villette, Paris


“… and again when your head goes through the windsheild”


Didn’t take it myself but this moment of pure joy from a couple of weeks back


The Coathangers at The Moth Club

New photo by mooseandhobbes


Les Savy Fav at ATP:


Hm. let’s try and make that photo display:

Les Savy Fav


Dirty Three at ATP

Dirty Three


this sums up the chariot quite well


Did that work?


Yep. Moderat in Brighton earlier this year. My actual favourite gig photo is this one from a friend’s gig a few years back…


Hmm, I’ll try that again.
The Coathangers at The Moth Club


Secret Shine at indietracks 2016


Spotlight Kid Nottingham april 2016


If anyone can find back that picture of that one guy from Black Lips pissing in his own mouth on stage (disappeared from the internet, so it seems), that would be my favorite.