Your favourite gigs of 2021

After an understandable hesitance I got back into going to gigs far more comfortably than I thought I would. Please don’t use this as a vaccine-mask thread being indoors or at gigs discussion, please post those opinions and views in the covid threads.

This is just a light hearted thread to post and share your favourite gigs of the year and what each gig meant to you etc.

Self Esteem at XOYO was definitely my favourite of the year. The other positions could be changed if I compiled my list tomorrow or the day after.

Here’s my favourites:

1. Self Esteem at XOYO.
Her album launch gig. Went to it after finishing double night shifts and it was a shot of joy and energy for a tired, grumpy man like me. Love the album and her live performance was simply stunning. Great album, amazing live act and my artist of the year.

2. Peggy Sue at Islington Assembly Hall.
One of my “lockdown bands”. Saw them at their album launch in late February 2020 and had a ticket for their Tufnell Park Dome gig scheduled for late March 2020 (I think). Inevitably cancelled and moved venues many times and that ticket turned into this gig for me and this was a socially distanced seated show and my first gig back. It was great seeing live music after so long and a band that enjoyed playing live after such a gap too.

3. Fightmilk at Victoria Dalston.
Always a favourite of mine. Their new album is my second favourite album of the year and this gig was the usual fun and smiles all round amongst the audience.

4. Desperate Journalist at Rough Trade East.
A great new album and front woman Jo Bevan and the band haven’t missed a beat since I last saw them.

5. Baby Queen at Omeara.
Her album probably hasn’t been reviewed in as many online music sites as it deserves as it’s a brilliant pop album on the surface but underneath the bangers, the lyrics are far darker and cutting than you first think. Great live act and I’m glad that she’ll be playing the bigger venues next year that she deserves to.

6. Suede at Alexandra Palace.
Totally loathe this venue. Never liked it and only go here for bands that I never would want to miss when touring. This band easily fit into my never miss category and were playing Coming Up in its entirety and the band were brilliant as always. Nadine Shah’s duet with Anderson doing The Wild Ones was stunning.

7. Darren Hayman at The Shacklewell Arms.
He is a British indie national treasure. His album of last year, Home Time is stunning and it was great seeing him being witty, funny and warm as always.

8. Roxanne De Bastion at The Moth Club.
Her new album You & Me, We Are The Same could be an undiscovered gem for many. A beautiful quintessentially British indie pop album and lyrically brilliant. She was great live and the only sad thing about the show was that far fewer people came to it than should have. A brilliant live act that needs to be checked out.

9. Pete Astor at The Lexington and The Victoria Dalston.
The Lexington was a socially distanced show and loved it as it was another rare occasion at the time to see a live show. It was just Astor and a guitar but was great. The Victoria Dalston gig was a full band show after restrictions were lifted. I’d first heard of him via a Creation record label compilation CD that I bought in 1994. It featured so many artists whom I’m a fan of but hadn’t heard of before that CD. No internet in those days, kids. He was in a band called The Loft and then The Weather Prophets in the early 80s. That CD had The Loft’s Up The Hill And Down The Slope on it which I love and after 27 years I heard an acoustic version and an original electric version. Loved it.

10. Penelope Isles at St Pancras Old Church.
Liked the album and I was expecting a good live act but not too much more. Love it when a live act far exceeds your expectations like this night. The artist, the acoustics and the venue made for an absolutely lovely warm performance. Brilliant.

  • I haven’t been to a show this year :neutral_face:

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No shows, 1 festival

I’ve hardly seen any gigs this year so my list includes festival sets.

  1. Arooj Aftab @ Le Guess Who. Made me cry.
  2. OSees @ Le Guess Who. Made me grin from ear to ear.
  3. SLIFT @ Wide Awake
  4. Mogwai @ Pryzm, Kingston
  5. Gwenifer Raymond @ Islington Assembly Hall
  6. Ana Roxanne @ Le Guess Who
  7. King Hannah @ Le Guess Who
  8. VLURE @ Windmill Brixton
  9. Fenne Lily @ Wide Awake
  10. Crows @ Wide Awake

I have been to 3 gigs this year

Dungen @Trädgården was the best of the 3

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Glad to hear Baby Queen is good live, are you seeing her in London next year?

I just realised I lied in the poll and have been to one show this year… James Blunt at Pub in the Park :joy: :joy: :joy: it was quite good fun actually even though he sounds like a strangled cat.

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Tempted for her Electric Ballroom gig. I live relatively close and so it’s a no hassle venue for me.

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Only been to a couple, Cassandra Jenkins was best.

I have two left to see this month before I get involved in this :slight_smile:

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Any big hitters or small-ish bands who are you personal favourites?

  1. Kelly Lee Owens - Brixton Electric
  2. Squid - Bogen F, Zurich

Smallish to tiny/ Bossk / Dvne co headliner and Dawnwalker. It’s going to be a heavy December. :metal:t2:


Only proper gig was crack cloud at mono. It was fucking brilliant

Predicting LC! at the Brudenell next week will be my GotY if it goes ahead :crossed_fingers:

Yo La Tengo in a small venue in Canterbury. This was the fifth time that I’ve seen them - and it was by far the best. Just one of the greatest live bands ever. One quiet set; one loud set; 100% pure fucking magic.

I’ve still got Bossk/DVNE (with @UncleRetrospective) coming up.

  1. Jon Hopkins @ Reading Concert Hall
  2. Nick Cave/Warren Ellis @ Oxford New Theatre
  3. OSees @ The Troxy
  4. Hot Chip @ EoTR
  5. Anna Meredith - saw three times this year (Edinburgh, Oxford and EoTR. EoTR probably the highlight)
  6. Wave Pictures @ Guildford Boiler Room
  7. Amyl & the Sniffers @ Rough Trade
  8. Daniel Avery @ St John’s Church, Hackney
  9. Warmduscher @ Big Foot festival
  10. Trash Kit @ EoTR

Can imagine this being great. I saw you had a spare. Would loved to have taken you up on it but had other plans unfortunately.

Bicep @ Brixton academy
Fields of the Nephilm @ Kentish town fourm.
Kelly Lee Owens @ Earth.

The Neph were the best I’ve ever seen them. Incredible gig.

Massive fuck you to the Sisters of Mercy. You’ve been a touring band for 40 years, learn how to use your sound system.

Idlewild at the Usher Hall. By default, really, as it was the only one I went to, but I’ve listened to them tons this year so it was a nice way to ease me back into gig-going.

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Managed to make someone’s evening with my spare on the door. They’d travelled from Berlin for the UK tour after the German Amyl shows had been cancelled and were ticketless for the RT show.