Your favourite gym / running / workout songs

Tell me.

Great thread so far everyone.

Here’s my gym playlist. Over 200 songs to get you lifting that iron, man.


Gimmie your go to tracks for working out and running already.

The music board isn’t very exciting.

genuinely sicko mobb increased my running speed by about 20%

also this for running at night if you want to transcend time and space

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Very droll.

this has been giving me a boost lately.

Also Raspberry Beret

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look at all these goddam milk-drinkers!
Time to give this thread some chest hair:

Milk drinkers! Haha!

This is my favourite song to run to. If I stick it on when I’m flagging but have another 10 or so minutes to go it really helps

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I could go on for pages so I’ll limit myself to just a few for now.

“Hello Kitty Kat” by The Smashing Pumpkins (or really, any of the fast charging Pumpkins songs)

“Metatron” by The Mars Volta (or “Goliath”, the second half especially)

“Song for the Dead” by Queens of the Stone Age

“Hwy 74” by Kyuss

“No New Wave No Fun” by Mclusky

“Arcarsenal” by At the Drive-In

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A Tribute To Jack Johnson by Miles Davis is my long distance running album.

I’m going to try that

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C’mon, get serious:

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