Your Favourite/Least Football Kit Of The Team You Support

These are some unsolicited NOBO pics.

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Noticed the Roma kit doesn’t have a sponsor.

That’s about it really.



These two from the early 1990s - the ‘Celtic’ one became the kit for the youth team for three years when I played for them. Lots of love for it.


Also this one from the night we beat Leyton Orient in the FA Cup at Brisbane Road in November 1997. I preferred it in Green, but for some barmy reason our chairman decided to change our colours from Green to Blue (the original colours of the club at formation) for a couple of years.

Which leads me onto my least favourite:


This ugly blue and black thing (photographed during a home FA Cup tie with Notts County, led by Sam Allardyce. You’ll notice the long-ball forward, even then. We totally outplayed them on that day but couldn’t score).

and then from last season:


Made my eyes bleed!

good choices

I actually think the current kit is really nice - lovely shade of red, shame about the sponsor though

this kit was the worst






Your home kit this year is begrudgingly lovely tbf

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Sucker for a simple Adidas kit and the shine on this is magnificent:

But I’ve got a soft spot for the kit we were wearing when I first started going to games:

Worst is either of these:

Woah, Fender as a kit sponsor! Is that Hendon?

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We’ve definitely had more bad than good, for a spell we had Samsung as a sponsor the same time that Real Madrid did, fucking big news that.

Got a soft spot for the ones with the local rag on the front:

This one makes me feel ill:

This recent away one is awful, ‘mans location services’ was never gonna overtake ‘man on’.

I have a lot of love for that kit with Dagenham Motors as a sponsor.

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Don’t think I associate any kit with a single player as much as that West ham Dagenham motors kit and Iain Dowie


it is indeed. Probably best we’ve ever had once you get past the nostalgia of kits of ones youth

shame I can’t find one without the sponsor’s name & logo on it though

Not sure if other teams do this but West Ham sell their junior sizes without the sponsors and logos which is a nice touch.






Yeah - we had them as shirt sponsors for most of the 90s.

Our owner / chairman from 1994 onwards was the main distributor of Fender equipment in the UK - sold Eric Clapton his first guitar, designed the Beatles logo that sat on Ringo’s bass drum. Before that, through him, Fender had sponsored the club for a few years.


Wish I’d bought one of these at the time. Came really close to it loads of times:


Aww man I love that 1999-2001 kit. The away shirt was very nice as well


Classic West Ham sponsor (only bettered by Dr Martens). Kit is way too busy and a sad attempt to echo the classic Admiral one from the 80s.

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they pop up on eBay every now and then

sponsor appearances from both Nobo and Wang in this thread reminded me of