Your favourite little bits and pieces in sports

When a cricketing fielder takes a catch right on the boundary, knows they’ll take it over the rope so throws it up in the air, leaps back over the rope and then takes the catch for a second time.



Better when they chuck it to someone else.


Golfer whacks ball out of bunker. Ball bounces of edge of bunker, lands back at golfer’s feet.

In off the bar, obviously.

Ball hits the corner flag and stays in play


From the same compo, no less.

Missed penalties/conversions/kicks of any kind in rugby. Just something inherently funny about it.

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Extra points if all the players give up on the ball cos they think it’s going out of play and then there’s a mad scramble for the flag.


Ball bounces off referee, drastically altering the course of play.

In American Football. When they have one play to win a game but it’s too far to throw, and if the ball goes dead it’s over so it descends into a complete uncoordinated mess of a rugby match for a bit

In the NFL, after a play, where someone’s shoulder pad had popped out of their sleeve and someone else helps them put it back in.

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Why are you not embedding you lazy bastard?

Cracking stream on today’s ODI by the way.

Nah man, that’s really irritating

When there’s 2 seconds left on the clock in basketball and a player launches the ball from half court and makes a basket.

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This might be a bit #edgy but Formula 1 crashes (provided nobody dies obviously, but otherwise as wasteful and dumb looking as possible please)
edit: only in clip format too, nobody watches f1 but brexit paedos obviously

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I, I don’t know…

Yes it is a good stream, you are correct in your assessment.

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Do what, mate?

Referee/Linesman falling over


Not seen that particular one, nice.

If I were an OC, there’d be a LOT more laterals going on.