Your favourite moment

whats your favourite moment in music? not album, song, movement but just one bit

1.25 in this is mine, the whole bt from Axl grunting to “why don’t you just…FUCK OFF” and Slash coming in is so so so good. go on lads


Still from about 2:10 in this (but the whole song really)

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The best single moment is in “Hummer” by The Smashing Pumpkins. Either

  • the instant the distortion kicks in after Jimmy Chamberlin’s drum fill that follows “Chased the charmed, but I don’t want them, anymore”.
  • the moment the middle solo roars in after “It scares the disenchanted, far away”
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And if we can expand it out by a couple seconds, “I just want to be me” in “Mayonaise”

Slowdive - When the Sun Hits
The “Hey! Hey!” after the first chorus is just magical.


Well obviously:

(TBF I clearly massively overestimated how obvious the point of that thread would be! :smiley: )

Equally I would probably cite the incredible feedback guitar in third time through the verse from Frances Farmer (about 40 seconds in)

Interestingly the legendary Albini mix has this completely buried due to the nature of his recording so it was a bit of a sad moment for me when I heard it. That said it sounds really big and nice so - for comparison then:

Not sure about my very favourite moment, but the first one that comes to mind is:

The whole thing is magnificent, and gets more so towards the end, but it’s the part at 18:50 where Gabriel breaks into song with “666 is no longer alone” that freaks me out.

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When the solo kicks in (i think it’s a piccolo trumpet?) @4:45

the opening to ‘train’ by mission of burma. Making sense of all the hidden facts…

The bit about 2m20 into this where the whole song fucking explodes and launches itself into the stratosphere:


From 2:44 when vocals end and music starts building again with trumpets etc coming in.


When the piano enters on ‘Micheline’

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Actually, the screeching violin in ‘Cole Porter’ by Simon Joyner

3:15 in when “KVELERTAK!” is roared.


Mogwai. Hew Paths to Helicon
When the distortion kicks in at 4.03

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My choices are from three of the greatest singles of all time:

When Jackie breaks into falsetto in the chorus of this:

The false ending of this:

The drum intro to this:


When the drums come in at 1:18:36


Not possible to pick one moment, and as a single track, this would be quite a long way down my favourites list, but if I ever want to shout along to something it ticks a lot of boxes, culminating at around the 5:15 mark.

ICYMI (and dunno where you live but)