Your Favourite Obscure/Underappreciated B-Side(s)

This Cocteau Twins song from (I think) their last official release is so gorgeous it gives me the shivers. Combine it with most incredible homemade video I’ve ever seen (featured on Channel 4!) and you’ve got yourself 4 minutes of heaven :smiley:

Your turn now!

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Pulp have some of the best B-sides in the business. I could create an entire thread on the magnificence that is obscure Pulp songs


My head says it’s this one:


I love that this was on the Help The Aged single. Following the breakthrough, smash hit of Different Class with those 2 songs on a single is fucking brilliant.

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But my sentimental heart says otherwise


And every so often my bitter, contrary side demands nothing other than this:

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Ansaphone is so bloody good.

So is P.T.A., but in retrospect those lyrics are dodgy AF


Yeah it’s not great tbf.

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One of the most deliriously catchy & melodic music vs. problematic lyrics dilemmas I can think of right now!

One word my friend; Pinkerton.

I am not a Weezer fan, sorry!

(or perhaps not sorry, I dunno)

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It has not aged well lyrically, take my word for it.

I genuinely don’t think I could recognise a single song off it, or any other Weezer release. I know they had a famous one once, but I dunno what it was or when

They released 2 albums then split up, let’s leave it at that! Trying to think of more b-sides now!

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Wow, they managed 2 albums! :wink:

Yes, more B-sides! Give me a sec…

Back when (pre-the) Verve were actually good:

(OK, I don’t mind UH, but they were so much better before Dickie went all megalomaniac and generic singer-songwritery)


B-side to English Civil War. Love hearing The Clash at their most fun


I just searched my obessively curated music collection for albums with “B-Sides” in the title, thinking I’d get hunners of results. Nope, only the following bands feature:

The Verve
The Wildhearts

Countless others are in there, I just need to search (and perhaps tag) them better!

(amusingly ironic because Blur b-sides are generally dogshite)