Your favourite one-word compliments to receive


Can be real or hypothetical compliments

“Unassuming”. Always think I want to be friends with someone described as this






…do go on.




I did think about replying to each post and saying “you are (preferred compliment), (username)” but thankfully I stopped myself as that would be disingenuous and weird


Those aren’t compliments!


Disingenuous isn’t

Think quite a few people like being called “weird”


Usually people who aren’t really, in my experience.




Hello handsome.


To be fair, I assume many people co-opt the word weird as a compliment in response to it being used so commonly as an insult.





Such a great compliment


I don’t like compliments, either suspect it’s a ‘I think you’re cool homer simpson’ or just evidence they don’t know me








got called cute once.

How can life get better than that?


I genuinely can’t narrow it down much. Really love a proper compliment. Brave, influential, stylish, and ballsy are particularly good ones though

Always preferred ‘sexy’ to ‘beautiful’ as well, in contrast to dumb social media memes. Not because of my perviness, but because beauty is fully shallow, whereas sexiness is based in intelligence.