Your Favourite Photographers



Jonas Bendiksen






Robert Adams


gregory crewdson


diane arbus


Gary Winogrand



My wife.


Martin Parr


William Eggleston


Henri Cartier Bresson


This is from 1973-4.


Tom Wood

Mark Steinmetz

Joseph Szabo

Barbara Crane

Christine Osinski,h_4000,w_3280/2016/03/04/03Christine-Osinski.jpg

Joel Meyerowitz

Bill Owens

Mark Cohen

Paul Graham

Paul Reas

Thomas Roma

  • others. I’ve done too much linking so need to stop


I only know Terry Richardson and Annie Liebovitz, so Annie Liebovitz


omg this is so hardjust gonna do ones that haven’t been mentioned yet.
arbus #1 for portraits, followed by eve arnold

meadows, marr, graham, wood, ray-jones.

eggleston, meyerowitz, shore

contemporary fashion: alasdair mclellan. less so angelo pennetta and venetia scott, but they do good stuff with colour too. erik madigan heck.

street photography:
gordon parks, evelyn hofer, jack garafalo

also partial to some slim aarons/waspy stuff

hans feurer. some bourdin (he was a dick and it’s a bit too male-gazey).

lee miller

carrie may weems

okay. i’ll stop and just gonna post ones that haven’t been mentioned yet.

stephen shore

sirkka-liisa konttinen

tony ray-jones

homer sykes

tish murtha


Guys you’re making this thread really good <3


wolfgang tillmans


I like that sirkka-liisa konttinen stuff from my newcastle days


my mam was born into the slum terraces, no indoor plumbing etc., lived there til they knocked them down to make room for the wall. because my nanna worked 3 different jobs, my mam and her sisters just used to play in the streets. anyway, my auntie swears sirkka took some photos of her but tbh she’s probably lying.